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Are you ready to meet the NEW you? Are you ready to take your First Step?


The Hero 6 Program is an intensive (6) Week personalized weight loss program. 

What you get:

  • Health and Fitness Start-Up Consultation
  • Supplement Coaching & Hormonal Therapy
  • (2) Rounds of Body Measurements
  • (6) Weeks of Accountability
  • (6) Weekly in person follow ups 
  • (6) Weeks Meal Prepped Food (84 Meals)

Add Juice Detox for $42

Your custom program is designed by a certified nutritionist, master trainer, and culinary chef.


After you have completed your purchase of the Hero 6 Program, we will contact you by phone to set up your Start-Up Consultation.

Hero 6 Program

PriceFrom $600.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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